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It's Friday, June 3rd. This means two things: a new flash fiction piece, and the release of Stardust, Always this weekend! 

June 5 is Cancer Survivor Day, and the Alan Rickman/David Bowie tribute anthology is set to release the same day. All proceeds from sales of the book are going to St. Jude's. Over 80 authors, poets, and editors contributed to this anthology, inspired by the lives and creativity of Alan Rickman and David Bowie. If you've lost somebody to cancer, if you have a survivor in your life, if you or a loved one is currently fighting the disease, please consider purchasing a copy. You can learn more about the book HERE.

Shameless plug out of the way, I hope you enjoy a bit more "behind the scenes" action from the Dust & Ash series. Part 2 will follow, of course. 

* * * *


by Tucker McCallahan

"He's in the main room again."

Dr. Gregos Kalogeros, better known as Dominus, paused in the act of skinning his honey-colored hair back into a short ponytail. Irritation and amusement warred on his face. Amusement won, and he smiled as he secured his hair with a rubber band.

"Have Ayana make sure nobody touches him."

"Yes, Dominus."


Club D's manager paused and raised an eyebrow as he regarded the owner.

"Is he dressed?" Dominus asked.

"That would be open to interpretation. He's covered…but not by much."

"He's a fucking minor."

"I know exactly how old he is."

"I'll be out in thirty minutes." Dominus took a deep breath as Kel left the room. Micah was going to drive them all insane.

A 14-year-old Micah

In the main room of Club D, Micah James perched on a padded leather barstool, body angled so that every inch was on display. His hair was a sooty mess of black that carelessly fell over his forehead. Frosty blue eyes that looked at least a decade older than his fourteen years scanned the room restlessly.

A couple approached, fit, trim, and in their thirties. Kel intercepted them before they made it to Dominus's new ward and steered them toward one of the club's employees. Brad might not've been as beautiful as Micah was, but he was nineteen and legal.

Nothing about Micah was legal.

Kel shot Ayana a look, his eyes flicking to Micah. She nodded from where she worked behind the bar. Kel fully intended to return to his duties and ignore the little bastard who had made his life miserable since moving into Dominus's house a month before, but as usual, Micah had other ideas.

"Where's Dominus?"

"With a client."

"So he's fucking somebody."

"Doctor Kalogeros is with a client. If that's too difficult for you to understand, perhaps you should consider attending the school in which he enrolled you."

"How many people do you fuck every night?"

Kel clenched his jaw to keep his mouth shut. He forced himself to turn and walk away to the sound of Micah's laughter.

Alone again at the bar, Micah swiveled around on the stool, wise eyes flickering around the room before they settled on Ayana.

"No TVs."

The pretty Latino girl pushed a red drink garnished with fruit and a little paper umbrella toward him.

"Nope. No TV." She dropped a straw into the fancy drink. "I'm sure there are several very nice TVs in the main house."

Micah sipped the drink and nodded.

"Oh yeah. Six high-end flat screens plus all the shit in the media room." Micah set the drink down. "But it's all bolted down."

"Dr. Kalogeros is wealthy."

Micah studied the girl.

"You don't call him Dominus. How come?"

"That isn't who he is to me."

"But it's his name."

"So is Dr. Kalogeros." Ayana wiped the bar with a clean cloth. "We can all only be exactly who we are." She held up a glass of water. "Even if I call this wine, it's still only water."

"That's pretty deep for a girl."

"Thank you." She looked past him. "Good evening Mr. Kristopoulos, Mrs. Kristopoulos. Scotch?"

"We'll have whatever this young man is having."

"Of course. Have you met Dr. Kalogeros's ward, Micah James?"

"Oh!" Mrs. Kristopoulos put a hand on her husband's arm. "This is the boy Dominus is adopting?"

"Nah." Micah eyed her jewelry before dropping his gaze appreciatively to her breasts. "I'm not the long-term type."

Ayana pushed two drinks identical to Micah's toward the pair.

"Micah will be starting high school soon."

The Kristopouloses grabbed their drinks and damn near fled the bar. Micah glared at Ayana.

"I thought you were cool."

Ayana's gaze was full of pity as she looked at the beautiful, troubled boy.

"As I told you, I can only be what I am."

Micah leaned up onto the bar, his face twisting into an ugly sneer.

"Got news for you, babe. You're a paid whore, just like everybody in this joint. Pretty it up all you like, but you fuck for money."

"You won't win him this way."

"We'll just see about that." Micah hopped off the barstool and almost collided with Dominus. Dominus's face was utterly blank as he wrapped a hand around Micah's arm.

"You cannot be here."

"Cause I'm jailbait and it'll get you in trouble?" Micah slid his free arm around his guardian's waist and stepped close enough to rub against him. Micah's voice dropped to a sexy purr. "Or cause I'm jailbait, and I'll get you in trouble?"

"Because my club is licensed by the City of San Francisco to allow only adults over the age of eighteen through its doors. I employ over two dozen people; I will not allow you to put them or this establishment at risk."

"So yes…and yes."

"We're leaving."

Dominus escorted Micah from Club D without another word.

Theo Theodoridis, the inspiration for Dominus

Vasilis Kalogeros chuckled as he plucked an olive from the platter on the table.

"A dick, eh?"

"Dildo," Gregos mumbled. He poured more ouzo into a glass he'd already emptied twice.

"Éna megálo?"

"Yes. A big one."

As the senior Kalogeros roared with laughter, a smile spread across Gregos' face. In short order he was laughing with his father over Micah's latest stunt: the ruination of a Dimitris Mytaras sculpture. Vasilis lifted his linen napkin and wiped his eyes.

"How did he…"

"Super glue. He super-glued a big black dick to my favorite statue."

That started the laughter up all over again. When the chuckling died away, Vasilis eyed his only child.

"Perhaps this one isn't meant to be your son."

"He's fourteen."

"Age is merely a number, and numbers are only important where money is concerned."

"I can't take a boy as a lover."

"This boy sounds exactly like you at that age."


"Do I lie?"

"No," Gregos groaned. "But he can't consent. He's still a child; he needs love, guidance."

"A firm hand and a hard dick, that's what it sounds like he needs."

Gregos rubbed his eyes.

"You aren't helping."

Vasilis sat forward, his face serious. Eyes the shade of the Aegean Sea locked onto an identical pair in Gregos' face.

"How much of your life will you let him destroy? If he were truly a child, you would already have dealt with him. You want him, Gregos."


"Handle it."

"How? I can't take my foster son as a lover."

"Why not?"

"It's illegal!"

"So take him where it isn't."

Gregos sighed and shook his head.

"I can't take him out of the country."

"Adopt him."

Gregos mumbled something around the lip of his glass as he finished the ouzo.

"What was that?"

"I'm working on it."

Vasilis pushed back from the table. He stared at his son.

"Work harder."

The Ultimate... Dominus

Micah, a few years older

The sub was belly down, arms stretched out and restrained. His legs were spread wide, knees bent and feet up. Cuffs around his ankles attached to pulley lines. He hung from the ceiling, upper body resting on the table and his dick pointing toward the floor. He couldn't have escaped even if he wanted to, which of course, he didn't.

Dominus stood between those spread legs, fingers tracing and pinching the swollen, reddened marks on his sub's glorious ass.

"Was it a good spanking?"

"Yes Dominus."

One hand strayed down to lightly caress his sub's cock and balls.

"You're quite aroused. Would you like to come?"

"Yes, please, Dominus."

"A please. You must be very close."

The sub remained mute. He was nearly perfect. Working him was never a chore, and given Dominus's level of sexual frustration lately, this session was necessary for them both.

Dominus rolled a condom on. Two lubed, practiced physician's fingers slid inside his sub, who moaned and squirmed. Without another word, Dominus replaced fingers with cock and set a hard, deep, punishing rhythm.

"Come!" Dominus barked.

His sub cried out, jets of milky white semen pouring from his dick to splash onto the floor.

The door slammed opened.

Dominus turned his head. Micah stood two feet away. His icy blue eyes were trained on Dominus's dick still buried in his sub.

"Dammit!" Kel arrived at a flat run, breathing hard.

Lust, betrayal, and fury filled Micah's face. He shoved Kel to the floor and fled the room the same way he'd barged into it, slamming the door behind him.

"Gamó tin tréla mou gamó," Dominus muttered. He slid free and caught sight of Kel, picking himself up off the floor. "Are you injured?"

"Just my pride. Little shit packs a punch."

"See if you can catch him before he leaves the club."

Kel opened the door and dashed out of sight. Dominus ripped the condom free, tossed it in the bin, and got down to the business of apologizing to a sub, something he never did. His father was clearly correct about Micah, and Dominus had a very bad feeling about where this situation was headed.

* * * *

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