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Welcome to the archives for A Little Something... Wicked. Here you'll find posts from Hops and other pages that have been retired. If any of these posts involved contests or giveaways, those events are now closed and expired. Please feel free to comment, however, on the subjects covered in each of the posts, as they're all worthwhile topics.

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The Power of Gay Love Presents 

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Halloween is my favorite time of the year for a number of reasons. First, I'm a practicing Wiccan, and Samhain, which is the original Pagan holiday the cultural celebration is based upon, is one of our highest and most meaningful sabbats. Samhain is our New Year, the time when we celebrate the end of the Light Year and the reign of the Oak King. The Dark Year begins, and soon, at the Winter Solstice, the Oak King will meet his twin, the Holly King, in epic battle. They will fight and the Holly King will win, ruling the Dark Year until the Summer Solstice when they will meet in battle once again.

Another reason I love Halloween is because I adore horror, mythology, supernatural and occult, science fiction and fantasy themes, and around Halloween you can find the coolest stuff in all the stores! I love hitting the craft places and even the department stores just to see what they've got that's creepy, black, or might have dead things on it. Sure, you can buy all that stuff online now, but it's not the same as being able to actually see it, touch it, or play with it first, right?

Yet another reason for my Halloween affinity? Anytime I can dress up - drag or otherwise - I'm all over that. When I was a kid my mom made all my costumes and I remember them being so cool! A couple of favorites that stand out? One year my brother and I went as a pair of gypsies. We got into my grandmother's old costume jewelry and I swear between the pair of us we must have been wearing ten pounds of bangles, necklaces, and the old-fashioned screw-on or clip-on earrings. We looked amazing. Another year we wanted to be a cat and a dog, so Mom used our old footie pajamas and sewed great big puff balls all over them. We ended up looking like a pair of day-glo sheep, despite the anatomically correct ears she made to go on the hoods that attached to the necks. But it was early 80s; my brother's dog was orange-red and my cat was neon green. 

We didn't need flashlights that year. 

I have kids now, both my own son and the wonderful children of my partners. I remember ever single costume my son's worn in his eight years of life:

1. Lady Bug
2. Chick Magnet
3. Elmo
4. Scooby Doo
5. Batman
6. Ninja
7. Evil Jester
8. Apocalyptic Zombie Warrior

Notice that as he gets older and obtains more personal freedom, the costumes he's chosen have become increasingly... BAD ASS? 

That's my kid.

So here's the deal for WICKED'S AWESOME SPOOKTACULAR GIVEAWAY. I want to hear about your favorite Halloween memory. It can be sweet, romantic, sexy, scary, embarrassing, silly, unbelievable, anything! But to qualify for the totally awesome Halloween swag pictured below, you have to leave me a comment with TWO THINGS:

ONE (1) Your Halloween memory
TWO (2) Your email address

Because, you know, I can't contact the winner to get shipping details if I don't have an email addy. Now, because my prize for this blog is beautiful and original swag, I'm unable to ship it outside the United States of America. This, however, does not prevent foreigners from entering my giveaway. If you live outside the USA, please say so in your entry, and if you win the drawing, I'll see that you receive copies of each of my Halloween eBooks (Black Feather, Better After Death) instead.

That said, here's a few shots of the prizes I'm offering! A set of Halloween candle holders in crushed amethyst glass set inside two different blackened metal holders: one depicts dancing skeletons, the other depicts a cottage in the woods. The holders can be used for tealights, votives, or pillar candles. As a perfect backdrop for the two candle holders, a Halloween tree with fall berries and pumpkins in amethyst, black, and silver. Awesome decorations for Halloween, beautiful additions to a Samhain altar, or really cool stuff to set out if you happen to have a room that features these colors!

Once again, the way to obtain these prizes is to leave me a comment here on my blog with the following two elements:

ONE (1) Your Halloween memory

TWO (2) Your email address

I'll be using a nifty randomizer program to pull the winner, who I'll then contact via email to arrange shipping details.

Please make sure you continue on through the blog hop. Everyone has great posts and really cool contests. 

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, and may the Dark Year find you all with warm hearths and lightened hearts. ~ Tucker

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  1. What happened to D&A?

  2. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Tombs page. Nothing happened to D&A. It's still posted at under my name there, "TMcCallahan." You can find it by searching by title or by my name. The re-edited, rewritten version is what's up at that site, and there are currently 68 chapters available to read for free. The entire series (when it's properly put together it equals 5 books) is under consideration for publishing. I'm waiting until that decision is made to post up the final few chapters. If you have specific questions, you're welcome to email me personally at Thanks again for your comment and for supporting my work!

  3. Is it being published or do you plan on posting to gayauthors? We've waited so long-would be nice to post them there, even if you still hope to publish. Other authors have, and don't think it's hurt their sales.

  4. I still hope to publish D&A.

    I know of only one publisher (Dreamspinner) that allows authors to maintain "free" versions of works they've decided to publish. No traditional publisher allows such things. A one-chapter "teaser" is the limit, and that's usually negotiated by contract.

    While I appreciate the desires of my fans and readers, I have a full time job, a family, and as I posted at the beginning of November on the main page, this entire year has been devoted to the care of my spouse through terminal bone cancer. All of my writing (& publishing) has taken a backseat to that far more important situation.

    Thank you for taking the time to write a comment.

  5. Can I ask where I can find the full version of Dust and Ash? I am reading it in Gay Authors but it is not finished....