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Sunday, May 26, 2013

DUST & ASH FANART by Mizukibbworld

I consider myself incredibly lucky. For some reason, "Dust & Ash" has readers and fans from all over the world and all walks of life. I'm not entirely sure why the series strikes people the way it does, why it makes such an impression, but I'm gratified that I receive so much email and so many reviews telling me that my characters and their insane dramas have in some way inspired creativity in others.

That said, what I'm posting here are some truly impressive pieces of fan art by a fantastically beautiful girl in Poland who I'd import immediately if I could... (hugs to you, Iza!) Bear in mind that while I describe Dust & Ash and see them in my mind - I know that each reader sees them differently in their own minds. This is her vision, and I thought it was gorgeous & unique (feathers & all). If you've done any scribbles of the Boys of Summer, I'd love to see them, and will happily post them up.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, crew. Chapter 53: Sweating Bullets will post tomorrow for your Memorial Day reading pleasure.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Status Update for "Dust & Ash" & "Read My Mind"

My darklings,

Lately I've been lax in posting to my blog. This doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. I was awful as a youth at keeping any kind of a journal. I tried in the second grade and it quickly became a daily account of the school cafeteria's lunch menu. When I actually had something to write about, I was too busy going out and doing it, rather than staying home and writing about it. This has largely held true ever since.

However I've received quite a bit of emails on two specific topics, and it seems to me that posting this little message where I'm bound to reach more people (at least according to Google) makes more sense than ad nauseum emails. So... here we go!

I am no longer sending out email notifications for the "Dust & Ash" series. This is for several reasons. First and foremost, I am no longer posting it on Literotica on a whimsical "guess when?" schedule. It's now being posted on Gay Authors weekly, every Monday, without fail. Secondly, the time it takes to send out email notifications is time better spent writing. The series is in one place, and won't go anywhere else until it's published. It runs like clockwork. I don't have enough good things to say about the GA posting system. It's an absolute joy to be an author there. Finally, regarding the series and rewritten material versus material that was previously published on Literotica: Chapters 11 & 12 on Literotica were taken apart and heavily rewritten. Because of that and because of changes made to both the plot and characters, I advise all readers of the series, if not reading from chapter 1, to begin at Chapter 39: If You Don't Know Me By Now and read forward from there. That way you won't miss any of the new material that was added, as some new scenes and new chapters were added in among previously written material.

As of now, "Read My Mind," the story of Pika, Shar, Zan, and Queen Myfanwy, is being revised and rewritten for publication. I'm giving serious consideration to serializing it as I have done with "Dust & Ash." If I don't, then I'll probably begin a new serial in its place once the Boys of Summer are gone. I have a great love of serials, and find them addictive to both read and write. I currently have three other stories in development, one of which is the "Hero" series of which I posted the first two chapters here. I haven't yet decided. "Dust & Ash" has been such a time-consuming labor of intense love and emotion that it's almost painful to think about not writing or editing it anymore. Hmm. "Things a writer would say..."

In the 2012 Gay Authors Excellence Awards, "Dust & Ash" placed second on the site for BEST STORY,  and second on the site for BEST STORY BY A NEW AUTHOR. The very sweet, sexy and always fabulously dressed Ashley Redvers also took third place for BEST PROTAGONIST/HERO. I thank all my readers for voting, for your support, and invite everyone to every Monday for the newest chapter of "Dust & Ash."

~Tucker McCallahan

May you create heat,
and light,
and warmth,
not just fire. (~Matt)