Sunday, May 26, 2013

DUST & ASH FANART by Mizukibbworld

I consider myself incredibly lucky. For some reason, "Dust & Ash" has readers and fans from all over the world and all walks of life. I'm not entirely sure why the series strikes people the way it does, why it makes such an impression, but I'm gratified that I receive so much email and so many reviews telling me that my characters and their insane dramas have in some way inspired creativity in others.

That said, what I'm posting here are some truly impressive pieces of fan art by a fantastically beautiful girl in Poland who I'd import immediately if I could... (hugs to you, Iza!) Bear in mind that while I describe Dust & Ash and see them in my mind - I know that each reader sees them differently in their own minds. This is her vision, and I thought it was gorgeous & unique (feathers & all). If you've done any scribbles of the Boys of Summer, I'd love to see them, and will happily post them up.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, crew. Chapter 53: Sweating Bullets will post tomorrow for your Memorial Day reading pleasure.

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