Monday, February 10, 2014

Long Overdue Update

Yes, I live and breathe and return for 2014.

2013 was not a good year for me or my family. We faced a number of health and personal challenges that put a lot of strain on everyone. But you know what they say about adversity...

Yeah. I never liked that saying either.

Some good things did happen. I published two nifty books in October. Black Feather was co-written with Amber Marie, a lovely lady from across the ocean. Better After Death came out in time for Halloween.

If you're interested in buying either book they're for sale on Amazon. The links for interested parties are below. And by all means, if you purchase and read either one, please leave a review. I'd love to read your opinions. 

Black Feather
Black Feather at Amazon

Better After Death 
BAD at Amazon

Other than my two publications, more good stuff to go down in 2013... the spouse finally found a great job after 13 months of unemployment. I totally feel for the families who've been out of work for over a year. I can't imagine what you're going through if it's been more than two years.

I also fell in love - hard - with two of the most wonderful people. This is hard for anyone not involved or familiar with the poly scene to understand. That conversation goes kind of like this.

Me: So I met this really great couple.
Them: You're  *married* to a really great couple, aren't you?
Me: Uh, yeah. (pause) So about this couple I met...
Them: Did you leave your partners?
Me: (horrified) No!
Them: Do they know about this couple you're cheating with?
Me: Duh. Of course they know. And it's not cheating.
Them: So you're just what... Greedy?
Me: Yes. I am the greediest bitch in the world.

Then I walk away irritated and they walk away thinking I'm a real asshole. Not to mention a total sex fiend. Which is so far from the truth. I mean, it was one of this new pair who gave me the chicken pox that disabled me for most of the summer. Try being sexy when you're covered in itching, oozing pustules from head to toe. I'm still thinking about writing a story about two guys who fall in love while they're quarantined together, just based on that encounter.

Anyway, that was 2013.

It's now a new year and I've made some resolutions. I've returned to posting Dust & Ash, although I'm not killing myself to have a chapter up every week. Instead I'm concentrating on getting my other works published - specifically the Feywild Faerie Tales. I'm also trying to focus on writing more new material, so that means if the rewrites and edits of D&A have to wait a week to be perfect because my mind was on another story, I'm no longer staying up 24 or 30 hours to finish and post. I've promised myself I'm not going to compromise my health this year and that's a promise I'm keeping. I've got too many people in my life now ready to kick my heart-shaped ass if I misbehave.

The exciting thing is the number of new works I've dreamed up and started. I have enough irons in the fire now that I could comfortably write for the rest of this decade on the series I've started right now, and that excites me.

Another resolution of mine is to either find another blog that I'm more comfortable with technically, or to find a blog manager who can take over the aspects of this one that continue to elude me. I just can't figure out how to make this silly thing do what I want it to do. Truthfully, it'll be a freaking miracle if I get this post put up without it disappearing into that place blog posts go to die.

So that's my update. Sans any cute pictures or my book covers, because Blogger won't let me upload any pictures. URGH. I'm so angry about that. Maybe  if I get over on LiveJournal I'll be able to actually show you guys cool stuff. Not sure. If I transfer to a new blog I'll notify all my followers of where to find me.

Ciao, Bellas!


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  1. My king, you already received my little messy reviews connected with "Black Feather" & "Better After Death" so what I want to write here is rather a message to your readers who haven't bought the books yet than to you.


    Dear Tucker's readers who haven't bought the books yet, there is something wrong with your life choices... Okay, I'm joking but you really have no idea what you're missing. Both novels are *fabulous*.

    That's all ;-).