Saturday, May 24, 2014

THE HOUSE THAT LOVE BUILT, & an Update for the End of May

My wonderful readers, fans, and friends -

It's the end of May 2014, and I can't believe the time has gone so quickly. I haven't been posting new material on GA as much as I'd like, which means you all don't see the work I'm doing. But believe me, there is work going on, and soon - very soon - you're going to see it. 

Better, you're going to be able to READ IT.

I'm currently finishing up two editing contracts. One is for the Young Adult series called Upstaged. If you have teens or if you simply like stories about bands and young gay guys, I highly recommend you check out this series written by SL Danielson & Nephylim.

Upstaged: Opening Act

Upstaged: Waiting in the Wings
The third book in the series is called Duet. I'm not yet sure of the release date, but when I have it and a cover, I'll post it up. A total of 12 books have been written in this series and will be slowly released over the next few years.

The other book I'm editing right now is the third and final installment in the Nighttime series by MA Church. The first two books were not edited by me, however they were fairly successful and well-liked. Since it's a series, I do recommend you purchase them and read them before reading the third book. That way you'll be able to fully appreciate the richness of the world MA has built. 

Nighttime Wishes

Nighttime Dreams
The third book is called Nighttime Promises and is scheduled to come out on July 8, 2014. This date is significant because the series is about aliens, and July 8th is the date aliens supposedly crashed a UFO in Roswell, NM back in 1947. Keep in mind this is MA's first alien trilogy, published before The Harvest. If you want to read her first foray into inter-species love, this is it, & I'm proud to be editing the final installment.

That leads me to my next announcement. I won't be doing any further editing after June 1, 2014 except on a very limited freelance basis. This means I'll be devoting all my time to writing, subbing my written work out to publishers, and promoting my published works. I've spent quite a bit of my time over the last five years helping other authors get published and achieve their dreams of reaching that coveted "bestseller" status. The trouble is, time spent helping others is time taken away from my own writing, often with little to no compensation. While I've enjoyed working on those projects, getting to know those authors, and extending my network of friends within this industry, it's not getting my work published and it's not putting my books in the hands of paying readers.

If you are interested in hiring me as an editor or researcher after June 1, you can email me the synopsis/proposal of your project plus your outline and your first chapter and I'll get back to you with a time frame and a final price quote. My prices are based on the Editorial Freelancers Association. Please feel free to use my prices as a guideline when hiring an editor for any self-publishing venture, by the way. Any good editor worth hiring should be willing to work either by the hour or by word count, and should be able to give you samples of their work, as well as provide references: current, satisfied, published clients. If they can't, don't hire them.

Editing, basic copyediting5-10 ms pgs/hr$30-40/hr
Editing, heavy copyediting2–5 ms pgs/hr$40–50/hr
Editing, website copyediting$40-50/hr
Editing, developmental1–5 pgs/hr$40–60/hr
Editing, substantive or line1–6 ms pgs/hr$40–60/hr


PROOFREADING9-13 ms pgs/hr$30-40/hr

WRITING1-3 ms pgs/hr
Writing, fiction$40-50/hr
Writing, ghostwriting$50-60/hr
Writing, erotica
Writing, journalism$40-50/hr
Writing, medical$60-70/hr
Writing, nonspecified$40-100/hr
Writing, technical/trade$50-60/hr

After June 1 I'll be devoting the majority of my time to writing, and man am I looking forward to that! The only other hurdle in my path is the two-house-in-two-state move I'm coordinating. As I mentioned in my last blog post, we're losing a home to an eminent domain campaign. 

Eminent domain is the power to take private property by a state or national government. It's not a new concept; its existed for over 2000 years. James Madison wrote the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution as an attempt to curtail abuses of this power. He explicitly mandated there must be compensation for the property, and that the government could only take property for "public use." 

Compensation has since been argued to mean "fair market value," a phrase that itself means the price that a willing but unpressured buyer would pay a willing but unpressured seller in a voluntary transaction, with both parties fully informed of the property's good & bad features. "Public use" means the property taken must be used to benefit the public rather than specific individuals.

Our home and the other homes in our neighborhood are being taken for a massive roadway expansion project. This is one of the most common eminent domain campaigns, and impossible to fight. Everybody uses roads. That doesn't make it any less inconvenient, though. 

Because of this event, we're using the opportunity to combine our household with that of another, the couple with whom I fell in love last year. We're turning a traumatic event into something exciting, an adventure for our families. As any of you who've followed and read my writing knows, I'm a huge advocate of polyamory and an outspoken polyamorist myself. So I'm blogging about "The House That Love Built," and I hope over the next month as the move gets closer and throughout the summer as we move in and combine our families, this will be a unique and interesting process that you all enjoy sharing with us.

That's all. Update complete. Happy Memorial Day. Eat watermelon, have BBQ, enjoy the memories of those no longer with us. READ BOOKS!

Be Well -

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