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Welcome to the conclusion of Blowing Hot & Cold. I hope you enjoy the end up Don's story!


BLOWING HOT & COLD; By Tucker McCallahan:

“Wake up.”

Don heard the voice, and didn’t recognize it. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Eric, the blond HVAC guy, standing over him. Don shivered. It felt like he was lying in a meat locker. Troy appeared next to Eric.

“Cold enough for you?” Troy’s voice sounded funny, husky. Don blinked and realized it probably sounded that way because Eric’s hand was down the front of Troy’s shorts, slowly sliding up and down an obvious hard-on.

“Yeah,” Don said, sitting up. “It’s cold in here.”

As Don watched, Troy and Eric came together, their mouths open as their tongues tangled in a kiss hot enough to melt ice. Their bodies collided; bare chests meeting in a sensual press an instant before their hips connected. Troy’s hands found Eric’s ass, gripping and fondling. Eric mewled like a lovesick cat. He slung a well-muscled leg around Troy’s waist, grinding against him as the kiss deepened.  

Don was riveted. Watching two beautiful men make out in real life was hotter than any porn he owned. Warm lips hit his shoulder and his whole body jumped. Jesse knelt beside him.

“We’re all off the clock for an hour.” Jesse gave Don a searching look. “We could spend it here, with you …”

Don’s head spun. He had to be dreaming. Either that or he was on the most fucked up episode of Punk’d that MTV had ever filmed, and Ashton Kutcher was going to jump out of the closet at any minute. Don looked around but saw no sign this was a joke or a prank. Jesse just smiled, tugged his shirt over his head, and removed the silly SpongeBob Band-Aid he wore. Sure enough, two tiny gold rings pierced Jesse’s eyebrow. Don stifled a groan.

“Stay,” Don said. 

“Good.” Jesse leaned forward. His hand went straight to the bulge in Don’s shorts. “You are so my type …” 

Jesse’s fingers curled around Don’s dick, which responded in predictable fashion. It turned to steel. Jesse leaned in and brushed his lips along the soft skin of Don’s throat, his tongue darting out to taste and tease as he trailed the tip along Don’s jaw. Jesse’s mouth moved with deliberate intent to the edge of Don’s ear, teeth nipping the lobe.   

“Wanna fuck me, baby?” Jesse whispered.

“Like he’s gonna say no,” Troy said. 

With Jesse in his lap, Don had almost completely forgotten about the two HVAC guys. Eric was on his knees, his face buried in Troy’s unzipped shorts. Eyes closed and face beatific as he bobbed and sucked, Eric worshipped the dick in his mouth like it was a holy object. Jesse looked at Eric, then up at Troy, and finally back at Don, his face plaintive.

“Say yes?”

This time Don groaned out loud. He was positive his poor dick was going to explode if it didn’t split in two first. What he should do was throw all three of the men out of his house. Then he could masturbate furiously before texting his husband for a lunchtime chat.

Or he could get naked and turn his living room into the kind of scene he’d only ever witnessed in gay porn.

Don gazed at the rapturous looks on both Troy and Eric’s faces. Then he glanced at Jesse, who was still waiting for an answer. With a silent apology to Kyle for not including him in this, Don made his decision.


Jesse’s smile was like sunshine: bright, blinding, and warm. He sat up and started peeling out of his insanely sexy jeans.

“Break out condoms and lube, baby.  We’re wasting time.” Jesse hadn’t been wearing any underwear, and after kicking the jeans to the floor, he stretched out in front of Don gorgeously nude and hard.

Don ran for bedroom. He had to look at the date on the condoms to make sure they hadn’t expired; it had been that long since he and Kyle had made love. Anticipation curled in his stomach like a pit viper, spitting sparks of arousal upward that soaked into every part of his body like a delicious poison. The idea that he was doing something bad added an undeniable thrill. There was no way Don was letting this opportunity slip through his fingers.

No way in hell.

Don returned to the living room, shedding his clothes as he went. Jesse had sprawled out on the couch, one leg up over an arm. His dick was beautiful, ideal in length and width with a thin sheath of foreskin covering the head. The only thing more perfect was the sweet little star Don could see peeking out from between Jesse’s buttocks.

Don knelt beside Jesse and laid a chaste kiss on the inside of his upraised thigh. Squirting a liberal amount of lube onto his fingers, Don slid inside Jesse with ease. The heat and clasp of Jesse’s channel made Don shake and sweat. He bit his lip, eyes closing as he fought for calm. At this rate he would come before they even got to the sex.

Jesse whimpered. His foreskin rolled back as he got harder, the broad shiny head of his cock glistening in the afternoon sunlight. As Don’s fingers feathered over Jesse’s prostate, beads of clear fluid welled up out of his tiny slit like tears.

“Do it,” Jesse whispered. “Just do it!”

“You sure?”

“Please …”

Don stood up and walked around behind the couch. He reached down, grabbed Jesse’s slender legs, and hauled him ass first up over the back of the couch so that he hung head down, his legs up over Don’s shoulders.

“Oh my fucking God,” Jesse groaned as the blood rushed to his head.

“He ain’t fucking God, dude.” Troy, still on the receiving end of a blow job, laughed as he glanced at Don. “You’re really gonna fuck him like that? That’s insane.”

Jesse’s dick was so hard it lay up on his belly, pointing at his face, and it stayed that way as Don breached Jesse and slid all the way inside him. Don froze as Jesse’s body rippled and clenched around him. It was like a million elastic belts tightening around Don’s dick at once, and he prayed to God he wouldn’t trip.

“Eric, climb up next to dude there and sixty-nine with him while he’s getting fucked,” Troy said.

Eric obeyed Troy’s orders. Jesse’s dick jumped, bumping against Eric’s lips and leaving a smear of shiny liquid behind. Jesse cried out under Don, his body writhing. Eric growled and lunged, capturing Jesse and swallowing him whole. Jesse’s mouth dropped open as he cried out again, and Eric shoved his hard cock between Jesse’s pretty lips. They clamped shut and he sucked Eric strong and hard.

Troy moved up behind Don. As Don thrust in and out of Jesse’s unbelievable moist heat, Troy dropped light kisses along Don’s shoulders and upper back. Big hands roamed Don’s torso, fingernails scratching over nips and through the bit of hair in the center of Don’s chest. As Don moved faster Troy’s kisses got more aggressive, becoming licks, nibbles, and bites. 

Don’s head spun, tingles and chills racing over his skin. This was the single hottest thing he’d ever done. His eyes locked onto Eric’s mouth wrapped around Jesse’s dick, his face so close to where Don slammed down into Jesse’s body over and over again. Every time Don bottomed out, Jesse tightened around him. He was driving Don crazy.

Troy’s mouth moved lower and lower on Don’s back, meandering right and left, over his spine, along a love handle, across a kidney. Then Troy’s tongue swirled around and swabbed Don’s tailbone.

“Oh Christ! Don’t. I’ll come,” Don groaned.

It had been so long since Don had real sex, and Jesse felt incredible. Eric’s icy blue eyes swiveled up to stare at Don. The little fucker grinned around Jesse’s dick. The assault on his body and senses was just too much. Clenching his teeth, Don let the world spiral away. Pleasure rushed up like a warm blanket to cover and smother him as he came into the condom. 

Reality returned as Don caught his breath, his senses coming back online one at a time. He felt strangely disconnected. Then Troy licked him again. His hot wet tongue disappeared and Troy’s entire body pressed against Don’s back, his mouth by Don’s ear.

“Get rid of that condom. Your ass is mine.”

Don was covered in sweat, still tingly from his orgasm. He wasn’t sure he was up for another round. Then Troy’s big hands palmed and kneaded Don’s ass.

“You know you want me to eat you out.”

Don almost fainted. Kyle hadn’t rimmed or topped Don in over a year. Jesse and Eric had collapsed, boneless, on the couch; Don looked down at Jesse. 

“You good?” Don asked.

“Oh yeah,” Jesse breathed.

“You’re kidding, right?” Eric smirked. “He came twice.”

Jesse’s cheeks turned pink as the men chuckled. Don bent down and brushed his mouth over Jesse’s. Troy took advantage of Don’s position and gripped Don’s soft ass cheeks, spreading him wide. Before Don had even finished kissing Jesse, Troy’s tongue swiped over Don’s tight little hole.

“Oh sweet God!” Don arched his hips and shoved his ass back.

“Yeah… that’s what I thought.” Troy’s chuckle was low and evil. He wiped his chin, grabbed Don by the hips, and pulled him up into an embrace. “Come on.”

Don went without an argument. Troy motioned and Eric hopped off the sofa, following them to the center of the room.

“You know what to do,” Troy said. Eric nodded. “And you,” Troy tapped Don’s ass, “need to relax. You’re way too tense.”

Don was so surprised that he laughed. The last thing he considered himself was tense. Troy hauled him close, his sexy black chest fur rubbing against Don’s chest and his hard dick poking Don’s hip. Both men moaned. Don reached down and wrapped his fingers around Troy’s silky shaft, loving the weight of it in his hand.

Arms over Don’s shoulders, Troy applied gentle pressure until Don went down on his knees, then Troy turned and followed him down.  It was a little awkward being on the floor, and damn cold with the air conditioning on high, but when Troy’s tongue traced the upper curve of his ass, Don’s entire body flushed hotter than Hades.

“I like the sounds he makes,” Eric said.

“If you can talk, you’re not doing your job,” Troy snapped, his tongue scant inches from where Don wanted it most.

Eric slid under Don and quick as a snake strike, he swallowed Don’s semi-erect cock to the root. Don yelped and cursed. Troy spread Don wide again and teased the soft puckered flesh around his hole with the tip of his tongue. God … the sensation of it! That soft, wet heat slowly penetrating him as Troy worked his tongue past the tight ring of muscle …

“He’s hard again.” Eric’s hand circled Don’s thick cock. In one calculated motion, Eric slid Don’s cock into his mouth and down his throat.

Troy mumbled something Don didn’t hear before grabbing the lube. One long finger slid effortlessly deep and plunged in and out as Troy licked and sucked, his tongue spearing into Don like he was a condemned man’s last supper.

Nothing could feel better than what Troy and Eric were doing. Don blushed bright red as he heard the sounds he was making, rocking on his knees between the two men.

“You look so fucking hot.”

Don looked up to see Jesse, nude and beautiful, standing over him as he pulled and stroked a very nice erection. Don didn’t even think; he opened his mouth and accepted Jesse’s perfect dick. 

“Don’t bite him.”

It was the only warning Don got. The latex-covered tip of Troy’s cock replaced his mouth and pressed into Don’s open, well-rimmed hole. Eric’s sucking intensified, and Don bore down, pushing back to meet Troy as he tried to escape Eric’s mouth. He didn’t want to come yet, for Christ’s sake, and the boy had a mouth like a Dyson.

“Suck me, baby.” Jesse ran his fingers through Don’s hair. “God, you’ve got a hot fucking mouth.”

Don held on to Jesse’s hips as Troy slid balls deep. Troy wasted no time finding a rhythm, and Don got lost in the fuck. His body moved mindlessly, impaling itself on Troy, fucking Eric’s mouth, and sucking Jesse.

Jesse came first, pulling free of Don’s mouth with a gasping sigh. His first shot hit Don right across the throat, the heat of it like a whip’s lash. He caught the next spurt of salty sweet pleasure on his tongue, but the last few didn’t have the distance and fell to the floor.

Jesse’s orgasm triggered Don’s. Like a fire in the pit of his stomach, as soon as it got oxygen, it roared to life and consumed him. Don came so hard little black dots danced in his field of vision. Eric choked as Don spurted into his throat again and again.

Troy pulled free of Don’s body in a move that left him feeling empty. The condom hit the floor with a wet splat and another warm, fragrant load landed on the small of Don’s back.

The four men sat on the floor getting their breath back. The whole living room reeked of male sex. Don had the passing thought that he needed to clean the carpet and do something with the condoms. Then he wondered if Eric ever had an orgasm, and glanced over to see Troy kissing him, slow and deep, their entwined fingers running through a sticky puddle on Eric’s belly. So that was a yes.

“You guys want a shower?” Don stood up. Jesse eyed him. How had Don missed the curved barbell through Jesse’s navel? He was damn sexy.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.” Troy stood and pulled Eric up. “Then we gotta get back to the shop. We’re uh, gonna have to bill for extra time out here.”

Don laughed at the look on Jesse’s face. The insurance adjuster sighed. “Yeah … OK. Put it down to storm complications.”

“You got it.”

Don showed them to the bathroom and got them towels. When he got back to the living room, it was empty, no sign of Jesse anywhere. Don surveyed the mess he still had to clean up and saw a pink form on the antique buffet table. Jesse’s business card lay on top of it. He picked it up and flipped it over. Yep: a phone number in a pretty, loopy scrawl with, “In case you need anything!” written underneath it.

Losing that card wasn’t even an option.

Don tucked the card in his wallet. Just as he’d finished putting the room to rights, Troy and Eric emerged. Troy very professionally gave Don a receipt.

“Thirty day guarantee on parts and labor.” He smirked at Don. “I personally guarantee customer satisfaction.”

Don laughed, and shook Troy’s hand when he offered it. Once again Troy shook hands like it was some kind of naughty foreplay. He and Eric strode out into the early afternoon sun. Don shut the door behind them.

For several long seconds he leaned against the door with his eyes closed. Then he stood up and shook his head. His phone rang, with a glance at the display, he saw his husband was calling.


“Hi honey,” Kyle said. “How are you?”

“I’m good.” Don glanced down and wrinkled his nose. “I need a shower.”

“Didn’t you take one this morning?”


“Did Bryan or Chuck send anybody by?”

“Oh. Yeah.”

“So we have A/C?”

“Affirmative, sir.”

Kyle laughed. “You’re in a weird mood.”

“You have no idea.”

“I bet I do.”

“You think?” Don couldn’t keep the skepticism from his voice.

“Uh huh. Bryan promised he’d send somebody special to service you, baby.”

“Uh…” Don blinked, surprise mingling with shock. Kyle… planned it all?

“So you had a good morning?”

 “Yeah,” Don murmured. “I have a story for you when you get home.”

“I can’t wait.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, Donny. So, so much.”

Don ended the call, and with a smile, went to take another long, hot shower in the icy cold air conditioning.


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