Friday, September 28, 2012


Wow, so after much poking and prodding from friendly authors friends (yes, MA - that means YOU) I've taken the plunge and created a blog. Hopefully my technically retarded self can handle the set-up and not blow up half of Pittsburgh and the eastern seaboard manipulating the computers. Anyway, this is the inaugural post, just my little announcement that it's here, it's queer, and it's... WICKED.


  1. Let me say it again... FINALLY

    LOL. :)

    Where do we join your blog, wicked one???

  2. Been a follower for a long time just saw you started a blog so happy for you and us. I just wanted to ask if you finished the read my mind series or had it published. I loved and just wanted to know how it ends. Thanks

  3. I am curious about this read my mind series guys and I'm looking for it but nothing is showing... I love dust and ash and I know I'm gonnalove this one too so can u pls give me a clue where to get it? And to you, Mr. McCallahan, I hope you are having a quality time with your family.. sure miss your work already but! :) have a good one!