Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We're in the process of signing the mountains of paperwork necessary to turn one of our houses over to the government and another over to a university. This seems so ridiculous to me. Not for the house we sold. That I get. Selling a house just requires that you buy a new pen and get ready to sign your name so many times that you're sick of your own signature by the end of it all. 

But why go through this mess for the house that Uncle Sam is taking? I mean... if we don't sign their papers, they're still going to demolish the neighborhood and build the interstate. So is it really necessary to waste all this paper? Couldn't we just do this?


We've found our dream house, made an offer, and had it accepted. It's a five bedroom, three bath beauty with a gorgeous sun room that I fully intend to transform into my new writing room. I will inevitably end up writing by moonlight instead of sunlight as I eschew the daytime hours, but that is neither here nor there. Since the sun room is far too small for the massive collection of gaming systems me, my husband, my boyfriend, and my son are all bringing into the house, there's no competition for the room. My wife and girlfriend have the front and back porch as well as the back yard for their plants. Sun room is mine.

Since we'll have children who will be coming for weekend visits, we have to add-on bedrooms in the basement yet, as well as another full bathroom. But we're looking forward to those changes. We're all so excited to start painting and putting up borders and laying carpet, all the touches that make a generic house a real home. Beige and off-white may sell a house, but we're colorful people. We like a blue kitchen and a brick red dining room, a ivy green living room and bathrooms named after animals (the Penguin, bath, the Parrot bath, and the Tiger bath are our current choices).

This, then, is the House That Love Built, the haven for polyamory that three families are constructing together. 

Doesn't look big enough, right? Looks can be deceiving. Check it out from another angle, and keep in mind that the basement stretches under the entire house and is finished.

Seems like a house that just might be able to fit five adults and three kids, huh? Well, it will be once we get those extra rooms finished. 

As we remodel, I'll keep posting pics.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've stopped editing and am now solely writing for myself. This is a HUGE change for me. I've never devoted 100% of my time and energy to writing my own work. I've got a ton of things cooking, and stories that I've planned, started, researched... and just never had the time to do anything which have languished on my flashdrives waiting for the day when I'd find time for them. 

Lots of changes coming. Dust & Ash is the first work that will be completed. I'm seriously considering self-publishing it at this point, only because I'm not willing to give up half my royalties and most of the control so that it can be butchered. I'm working with a graphic designer now to get a website up, at which point this blog will get merged into that. Big changes coming kids! See what happens when the government decides to build a interstate? All hell breaks loose.

That's the end of this update. See you later, Darklings. Enjoy the beginning of summer and as always... Be well. ~ Tux


  1. What a great house! I wish you all the luck in the world with your new living situation. It sounds complicated as hell (probably because I'm the total opposite -- just me and a cat), but if everyone is committed to making it work, it WILL work. I'm in awe of all the life changes you're making. It definitely makes me understand why there's no new Dust & Ash chapter, LOL!

    But I have to ask, Tucker: I went to GA to re-read the last chapter (yes, that's what I do -- when I need a fix, I read the most recent chapter again), but it's gone. Chapter 68. Did you decide to rewrite it?

    Again, best of luck with your moves, both personal and professional. -- Geemeedee

    1. Hey Gee!!

      Thanks so much for your kind words! Yeah, between finishing up the editing on two full-length novels, selling two houses, closing on the one we bought, and then trying to coordinate a two-house-in-two-state move, I've kind of been lucky to remember my name. Hopefully by the fourth of July we'll be moved into the new house (even if all the renovations aren't complete) and I'll be writing for myself. And that means more Dust & Ash!!

      Speaking of... I had no idea anything was wrong. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Actually what had happened was somehow... and I have NO IDEA HOW... one of those bizarre computer glitches, I guess. But anyway... Somehow, chapter 64 got "unpublished." Which meant chapters 65-68 were all showing up as numbered one less than before. So 68 was there... it was just showing as 67. I re-published 64 and now everything's all right again. Weird, huh? Thanks so much for noticing and telling me!

      Have an awesome Litha, and enjoy the summer. Much love to you and your cat.

      Be Well ~ Tux

  2. Beautiful house. All the best for the future. I've moved several times and I hate it except for one thing. I always find things I lost years ago! With so man hands, hopefully it won't be a nightmare. On thing I learned. Get a dark marker and mark and number every box AND keep a master list of exactly what's in each box. It saved me a time or two.

    1. Hey TC!

      Thanks for your well wishes. I, too, despise moving. We really thought when we bought the house we're in after we had our son that we wouldn't be moving again, but... seems like somebody had other plans for us! Thanks for your moving tip. I've been collecting them. Another friend suggesting packing the mattresses and bed frames last so that they're the first things off the truck. That way the beds will be set up and made, and no matter what happens, we'll have beds to sleep in at the end of the day. I thought that was a great tip. Anyway, thanks again, and I'll be back to let everybody know how the move goes!

      Be Well ~ Tux

  3. Is it a weird question if I ask how your family works? I've been wondering for a while but don't wanna be rude...

    1. Hi Night Flower!

      Nope. Not a weird question at all. Honestly, I applaud you for asking the question that a bunch of people are probably thinking but not asking.

      It's hard for me to explain exactly how my family works to somebody who doesn't know us, but I will certainly try to do my best. I'm also going to try to leave sex out of it until the end, because sex isn't really a part of the inner workings of our family.

      We have two men and a woman in the house right now full-time, as well as two children. Then there's another two children who we have visitation with. That's our primary family. Then there's a second couple, a man and woman, with a child, who joins us. That's our secondary family. When we move, we'll all live together. That's why it's exciting - because we've never been able to all be together.

      As far as how everything works, well, our kids know they have two dads who love them and who love each other. They know when our secondary family comes to visit, they have to mind the other adults, just like they mind their parents. We all share chores and housekeeping responsibilities. We share everything, really. I guess the best comparison would be like a college house where you had housemates living with you. Everybody shares bills, everybody shares responsibilities. And... on occasion... everybody shares a bed.

      That's the part most people get squicked out about. But really, it's no different than what a lot of people are doing - the only difference is we're open, honest, we communicate, and we're completely transparent when it comes to our health and safety. There aren't wild orgies going on every night. Four of the five of us are over 40. We're usually in bed by 9. But we are open with our kids about sex and love. Sex isn't something dirty or bad, or hidden. It's a beautiful gift, and our kids are brought up aware that love is abundant when you share it, that sex feels good and there's nothing wrong with it feeling good, so long as you're responsible for your actions.

      I'm not sure I answered your question, but I'm not sure what other sort of answer to give. I could tell you about our daily routine. I get home in the AM cause I work nights, My husband gets our kids ready and takes them to school or summer camp. My partner goes to work while my husband does the morning dishes and I shower and crash. Then Hubby and I get a few hours together, maybe with our seconds, maybe not, until he leaves for work and I have to pick up the kids. In the evening, my partner or our seconds make dinner and we spend the evening together. Then we throw rock/paper/scissors to see who does dishes and one of us puts the kids to bed. More stolen adult time before the hubby gets home and I have to leave for my night job, There. That's how we work.

      I know. You're sitting there thinking... Well shit. They're *normal*.

      Be well ~ Tux

  4. Tuck,
    I'm so happy for you guys! Its great that you're finally all going o be together, amd the house looks like it will be amazing! Lots of love and light your way,

    1. Hey Sweetheart!

      We're *so* happy! Friday we're getting all of our fabulous window treatments, and Monday we close, close, close! It took some doing but we convinced the realtor to let us have access to the house Friday night so we can start our blessing. My happy ass will by skyclad and dancing under that moon Friday night in my new backyard, thankyouverymuch. We're taking it as a sign of our bizarre good luck that we're taking possession on a month when there's a full moon on Friday the 13th!!

      Anyway, i shall post pics as we remodel and the move continues.

      About the only thing I'm more excited about is all the writing I have planned. I've already sent out a group of submissions, but I'm more excited about actually getting down to writing. Especially once I have the new house to do it in.

      Aight, Thanks again for your blessings and kind words, my friend. You're one awesome guy.

      Be well ~ Tux

  5. Love,

    I already told you about my feelings connected with things happening in your life lately so here I would want to say only one thing: I totally can see how wonderful this house will be. I can see colors and how prettily you could arrange the yard. I'm sure it will be a cozy nest full of warmth & love. I believe you'll find both peace and wild inspiration there to write beautifully for us, and most importantly for yourself, hidden in your lovely sun room.

    And since I'm in the middle of preparing the house with my boy, I must say that houses here, where I live, looks a bit different. The vibe is a bit different. But it is located prettily and I will have big room in the attic. My own sanctuary, my atelier. Ah.

    So being partially in similar situation I'm even more excited for you. Fingers crossed, my king! Everything will be just fine.

    yours always

    1. Yes, my Queen.

      Everything will be all right. Most definitely.

      You. Are. Wonderful.

      I can't say it enough. Here. I'll shout it.


      All my love ~ Tux